Avoid Airport Surcharges

One of my top rental car tips is to avoid renting from the airport if possible. Airports typically charge a premium for the convenience of picking up your car right after your flight and dropping it off right before the departure flight.

Sanvic’s doesn’t charge anything extra to meet you at the airport to hand over the rental to you.

Book from home.

Waiting to book your reservation until you’re in Grenada will add more stress to your trip. In addition, you are almost guaranteed to pay more. Most major car rental companies allow free cancellations, so go ahead and book your trip from home ahead of time.

You do not need an International Driving Permit.

All you need is a valid driver’s license to rent a car in Grenada, but obtaining an International Driving Permit can be a good idea if you are from a non-English speaking country. The document is easy to obtain and simply translates the information on your driver’s license.

Sanvic’s will issue your temporary local license for your stay in Grenada.

Prepare yourself for the rules of the road.

In the Grenada, you will drive on the left. Wearing a seat belt is mandatory. Speed limits are in mile per hour. Trucks are stronger than cars.

There are many ways to ding up a rental car. Be careful at intersections. In some locations, speed bumps prevent fast driving. Drive over these very slowly to avoid damage to your rental car. Speaking of which, be careful about getting off the beaten track. Major roads tend to be fairly smooth, but smaller roads, especially in rural areas, are often full of ruts and potholes and require careful driving.

Understand your insurance requirements.

It can be just easier to pony up for the insurance offered at the counter. It is very possible that your credit card will not cover you sufficiently when renting in Grenada (always check before you leave home), and the consequences of being underinsured can be particularly onerous.

Expect a large security hold.

If your credit card covers you for overseas car rentals, you might plan to rely on that insurance. Be aware, however, that if you decline the rental car company’s damage waiver, the company will typically hold a large security deposit against your credit card (often $1000 or more) while you are in possession of the vehicle.

Inspect the car carefully before you drive away.

While it’s tempting to head straight for the idyllic beaches upon picking up your vehicle, make sure to inspect the car extra carefully for any dings, dents or scratches on the surface. Take photos of every inch of the car. Otherwise, you could end up paying for those imperfections if you don’t document them before you leave.